When Your Plan Isn’t God’s Plan

When Your Plan isn't God's Plan

My plan for my life started to go awry toward the end of my time in college. Up until that point, I had set out to finish my engineering degree at Purdue, pursue an MBA at Harvard, and move up into high-level management in corporate America. I would marry a pretty girl and take several […]

The Test to Determine if You Really Fear God

Determine if You Really Fear God

There was a time in my life when I would have told you I feared God—but my actions told a different story. A number of years ago I was looking for a publisher for my first book and was approached by a nationally known publishing house. When the publisher gave us their proposal, the deal […]

Which Builder Are You?

Which Builder Are You

Imagine you are a newlywed looking to build your first house with your spouse. As you shop around for a prospective builder, you find one whose work you like, but whose price seems a bit high. As you and your spouse continue to cycle through prospective builders, you keep struggling to find one who can […]

Whose Back do You Have?

Whose Back Do You Have?

​​I’m one of many in my generation who has been taught more about our individual walk with Jesus than about how all of us believers are one body. Only recently has the reality of this truth about the church become more clear to me. I don’t want to mislead you—I’ve certainly understood this truth in […]

The First Step to Get Free from Porn

First Step to Getting Free

What’s your kryptonite?  For many years, mine was porn. I was introduced to pornography at a young age from a friend whose dad had some magazines, and I quickly became addicted. It just had a pull on me. By the time I was in high school, the battle with lust had begun to consume me. […]

How Gratitude Can Rescue Your Marriage

Gratitude Can Rescue Your Marriage

There was a time in our marriage when Lisa and I were offended with each other for about eighteen months straight. The same argument resurfaced over and over again. We even made subtle jabs at each other in front of our children. The older ones were not oblivious to what was happening, and they would […]

Why I Just Couldn’t Get Free

Why I Couldn't Get Free

I want to write to those of you who, no matter how hard you try, feel stuck. Maybe you’ve been following Jesus for years, or perhaps you’re just getting started—but you find yourself unable to overcome a certain struggle that keeps rearing its ugly head. If this describes you, keep reading. First, know that there […]