a special live event With John Bevere

Awe of God Night

A Special Live Event with John Bevere

Awe of God Night

Watch the replay of Awe of God Night by John Bevere.

Awe of God John Bevere

The Awe of God is now available everywhere books are sold.

Join John Bevere for a special live event

Awe of God Night

Join John Bevere for a Special Live Event

Awe of God Night

Gather your church, small group, friends, or family for a night of discovering how to embrace a healthy fear of God.

Saturday, Feb 18, 6 PM CST


3 Ways to Participate

Awe of God Night

1. Gather as a Family

A healthy fear of God is a lasting foundation for any family.

Awe of God Night

2. Gather as a Group

Moments like this are better when shared. Invite your small group or friends to join.

Awe of God Night

3. Gather as a Church

We’re great with you streaming this event to your entire church.

I believe returning to the healthy, holy fear of God is our greatest need as individuals and as a church.

The last great move of God in America was the Jesus Movement. That was 40 years ago. If that doesn’t produce a holy discontent in you, it should. Why? Because there is so much more of God’s manifest presence and power than what we are currently walking in as a church.

Jesus told us repeatedly that the kingdom of God is at hand. I believe it is on us to reach out and grab hold of it—but how? By embracing the holy, healthy fear of God. We don’t talk about this subject much in church nowadays, but if we want to be those who walk in intimate friendship with God and fulfill what He’s called us to do, we can’t ignore what Scripture says about this critical issue.

I hope you’ll join me for The Awe of God live event, where I’ll be sharing a message that is burning in my heart on this exact topic. Gather your friends, family, small group, or even church, and come expectant for God to move powerfully in your life.

—John Bevere

“Tremble” 7-Day Devotional

As part of this experience, you’ll also receive a 7-day devotional with prayer and journaling components to help you go deeper.

John Bevere

About John Bevere

John Bevere is a minister known for his bold, uncompromising approach to God's Word. He is also an international bestselling author who has written more than 20 books that have, collectively, sold millions of copies and been translated into 129 languages. Along with his wife, Lisa, John is the co-founder of Messenger International - a ministry committed to revolutionizing global discipleship.

Driven by a passion to develop uncompromising followers of Christ, Messenger has given over 56 million translated resources to leaders across the globe. To extend these efforts, the MessengerX app was developed, providing translated, digital discipleship resources at no cost to users in more than 121 languages. MessengerX currently has users in over 20,000 cities and 230 nations. When John is home in Franklin, Tennessee, you'll find him loving on his g-babies, playing pickleball, or trying to convince Lisa to take up golf.


Live on February 18 @ 6 PM CST

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Questions and Answers:

Q: When is the event?
A: This event will be live-streamed on February 18th, 6:00 PM CST.

Q: What is the cost to join?
A: This is a free live event for anyone who would like to join.

Q: How will I get access to the event?
A: The event will be streamed live on YouTube, and you will receive a direct link to the livestream upon signing up.

Q: What will be the topic of the live event?
A: John will be discussing how we as a church and as individuals can improve our relationship with God through a healthy and holy fear of Him.

Q: Can I share the link to the live event with others?
A: We encourage you to invite as many people as you’d like to join you for the livestream, in-person or otherwise!